The Thinking Behind Language

應急 Emergent

創造力 Creativity

The term emergent creativity I have used many times in the context of entrepreneurship, innovation and creativity. Portraying words like “Entrepreneurship”, “Innovation” for Chinese audiences has its challenges, as the way words are constructed carry implications we may not have observed in English.

The radicals of the Chinese symbols for Emergent Creativity – is a beautiful story in itself:

EMERGENT is depicted by Shelter, One – Snow, Heart

CREATIVITY is depicted by Man, Join, Knife – Mouth, Walk –

Power Creation takes strategy, and a man to walk his talk, which results in power, and Emergent is uncovering what is true in the heart, ( as snow melts, it reveals the shelter )the act of experiential learning or the act of painting or drawing becomes an act of discovery of what is true in your heart, and the act of creation is empowering.

What about the English language? Have you ever thought about your choice of words in strategy?

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