Consulate General

Principals of Aulisone meeting Mr. Wang Xiaojia, Commercial Counsel of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Melbourne, and Mr. Yan Xuecui, as well as the patriotic overseas Chinese leader. “Deng Shichang” Mr. Deng Yijia. AFIG had the opportunity to discuss cooperation and development of Chinese and Australian enterprises and promoted China-Australia economic and trade cooperation and exchange. Counsel Wang highly praised the Chinese and Australian entrepreneurs for actively promoting economic and trade cooperation between the two countries and exploring new opportunities in highest levels with greater potential for mutual economic development.


It was a great pleasure to be hosted by the local government of Shuangliu and discuss potential trade and cultural exchanges between Shuangliu and Melbourne.

Australian Delegates to Shuangliu

International Gateway Hub

Chengdu is ideally situated in the centre of China and has a long history of over 2,300 years rich in culture and traditions. Over 40 universities are located here providing a rich source for innovation and research. A number of industries are a major strength here, including bio-industry, electronics and IT, green energy, and aviation.

Shuangliu is an important part of Chengdu’s central urban area and it is the biggest aviation hub in inland China. Shuangliu International Airport is ranked no. 30 in the world and 4th in China.

Chengdu and Shuangliu are developing an Aviation Oriented Industry, with major interests in having aviation based international trade, airport based international business centre, a ‘hub’ oriented aviation service, and the development of an international airport business district.

International Bamboo Industry Development Summit

CHENGDU – A thriving and exciting bamboo industry in the Sichuan province.

We were delighted to participate in the Australian Delegation to the China (Yibin) International Bamboo Industry Development Summit & Trade Fair.

Last year, the output value of the bamboo industry totaled 14.9 billion yuan (USD $2.15 billion) in Sichuan’s Yibin city, which accounted for 32.4 percent of the province’s total.

The local government has decided to invest 100 million yuan each year in the following three years to support the development of the industry.This year, the output value from more than 226,667 hectares of bamboo forests in Yibin is expected to jump to 21 billion yuan, according to the summit.

Australian Delegation to Yibin
Delegation Executives attending the VIP Dinner (photo courtesy DLX Creative)

ARIBI Members and Delegates speech and awards of thanks and appreciation. It was a very fruitful trip and a revelation of the bamboo industry and applications.

BioClub Hangzhou

We had the pleasure to visit the BioClub incubator in Hangzhou, and took a spaceship into outer space!


BioClub is a leading medical and health innovation and entrepreneurship platform in China. It provides one-stop access to China market services for overseas startups such as technology transformation, incubation and commercialization, and empowers startups with the integration of China’s high-end resources from the government, listed companies, investment institutions and top hospitals. 

BioClub has strong qualification of technology transfer and incubation, it is the first batch of “Maker Space” of the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2015, and the “National Technology Transfer Demonstration Organization” of Torch Center of the Ministry of Science and Technology in 2014. 

City of Qingyuan

proposed development of Qingyuan Business Park

We visited the City of Qingyuan, situated just north of Guangzhou and within 45 minutes to the Guangzhou International Airport. There are grand plans ahead to develop the area into an innovative business district, part of the Guangzhou City.

We were lucky enough to get a tour organised by the planning departments and the City Mayor and an opportunity to present some of our ideas.

Due to its proximity to the Guangzhou airport and the Greater Bay Area (GBA), Qingyuan is one location we are considering for an Innovation Park based on emerging trends in logistics, AI, IoT, Energy to mention a few areas, and promising preliminary discussions were held with various departments.

Aulisone is assessing a number of locations in China to establish an AI Hub and Innovation Centre based on our investments and emerging trends. The City of Qingyuan is a potential contender, given the proximity to Guangzhou and Greater Bay Area, however, we will be looking at other potential locations which fit to the requirements for innovation and commercial activity.

Waste Expo

Waste Expo Australia is the largest conference and exhibition for the waste management and wastewater treatment industries.

Waste Expo Australia attracts more than 4,400 attendees over two busy show days, bringing together Australian and International customers and suppliers. Of particular interest to Aulisone is the Waste-to-Energy topic and filter systems for a range of applications.