This is how one of my lectures back in 2004:

The wind of change is always blowing over the world and one’s life. Change comes to everyone, sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, but change is always taking place even if we are not aware of it. Nothing stands still because the universe is in a constant state of change, and we are part of the whole.

Change is not contrary to our nature but only contrary to what we know about our nature. We live in a world of unpredictable interactions, which produce unpredictable results that in turn may obliterate the reasons underlying our present success.

Indeed, change may cause us to back to zero forcing us to reinvent ourselves. Stagnation is only an apparent state; it is a transient state of illusion, a dangerous state of mind.

“Without change there is no choice, without choice there is no freedom and without freedom the wheel of life stops and reverses; involution has replaced evolution.” [LAJ Zimmerman.]

Fast forward to 2020 Year of the Corona Virus.

If the need to change was ever to be heeded, now is the time for decision making, leading and action. But just as important as that change is, we must not forget to live richer and fuller lives, spend time with family, read books, write, cook, whatever allows you to live more of your life.

And therein lies the issue, the change can only really come about through active engagement and participation, not by leaders telling us what to do etc. It begins with us and extends through others, through authentic leadership and interaction, which leads to engagement.

We can participate in change or we can sit by and be swept by it, either way, one thing is certain, change is in the air.

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